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I had a great time joining this webinar on content audits for SEO. Thanks for the opportunity Authoritas! Was great to see and hear from Laura Monckton and Daniel Heredia Mejias! Sadly no Python in this webinar, but great advice nonetheless! See the outline and video below…

When Evaluating Content for SEO, Consider These 7 Core Concepts:

  • Accessibility
    Identify barriers. Don’t make people work.
  • Relevance
    Evaluate topical signals. Everything is a signal. Creators Bias.
  • Identity
    Consider the strength of your internal web graph and future support.
  • Intent
    Does purpose of page = purpose of the consumer?
  • Value
    What does the consumer gain?
  • Structure and UX
    Consider taxonomy, headings, media
  • Organic Performance
    Evaluate GSC, GA, Keyword data | SERP Analysis

Content Audit FAQ

How is an SEO content audit performed?

An SEO content audit involves evaluating the existing content on a website to assess its performance, relevance, and alignment with SEO goals. This process helps identify areas for improvement.

What are the key steps in conducting an SEO content audit?

The process typically includes inventorying existing content, analyzing metrics such as traffic and engagement, assessing keyword relevance, evaluating content quality, and developing strategies for optimization.

Which tools and techniques are commonly used in performing an SEO content audit?

Tools like Google Analytics, SEO platforms, and content audit software are commonly used. Techniques involve keyword analysis, content gap identification, and assessing user engagement metrics.

What specific aspects of content are evaluated during an SEO content audit?

Content is evaluated for relevance to target keywords, quality of writing, engagement metrics, internal and external linking, and alignment with overall SEO and business goals.

Are there any considerations or best practices when performing an SEO content audit?

Consider the frequency of audits, the evolving landscape of SEO, and the need for a strategic approach. Regular audits ensure that content remains optimized for search engines and user experience.

Where can I find resources or guides for performing an SEO content audit?

Explore online tutorials, SEO blogs, and guides from reputable SEO platforms for practical insights and step-by-step instructions on performing effective SEO content audits.

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