Greg BernhardtHello! I’m Greg Bernhardt. Thanks for visiting my blog on Python SEO!

Hit the next level in technical SEO by adding Python to your skillset! Here we showcase Python SEO tutorials to help you automate and find opportunities that are hard to accomplish manually.

I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in Information Studies back in 2005. I’ve been involved in web design, development, and marketing since creating his first website on Tripod in 1997. Does anyone else remember Tripod!?

SEO is my current professional passion. I’m a Sr. SEO Specialist for the eCommerce platform Shopify. Previously I was an SEO strategist for Rocket Clicks and authored two Python tutorials on SEO automation that received a lot of attention that are linked on the sidebar.

I do it all from, local, off-page, on-page, technical, and content SEO. Currently learning and using Python to help with SEO tool automation and AI.

For over 20 years I’ve also been committed to creating the finest online physics and math community in the world via Physics Forums

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6 Ecommerce Mistakes

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Black hat SEO

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SEO Inbound Strategy

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Conference Appearances

MKE DMC April 17th, 2024

Topical Authority

 greg bernhardt dmc mke

Contference Feb 11th, 2022

Semantic SEO Strategies in Internal Linking to Boost Topical Authority

Contference Feb 11th, 2022

Semantic SEO Synonyms and Search Intent

Webinar Appearances

Greg Bernhardt Joins Webinar on How to Perform a Content Audit

Hamlet Batista Ranksense Webinar: Data Blending with Python

Podcast Appearances

The SEO Rant – Feb 9th, 2022
Talking Python with Mordy Oberstien


Brain Work Frame Work – Feb 2nd, 2023
Talking Shopify, SEO, and AI with Chris Troka

The Best AI Podcast – Feb 4nd, 2024
Listen in as we touch on why we’re here, what we have planned, and the directions we’re going to take with Ai.

Greg Bernhardt’s Python SEO Apps

Data Blender

Sitemap Generator

WordsAPI Wizard

GSC Query Analysis

URL Redirect Matcher

See more apps (some are broken due to Heroku going to paid)

Core Beliefs

  • Raising up others
  • Sharing what you learn
  • Empathy for the disadvantaged
  • Justice for those wronged

Greg Bernhardt’s Fun Facts

  • I’ve polar plunged at the North Pole and Antarctica
  • I’m a huge soccer enthusiast (playing and watching)
  • I’ve run a marathon
  • I’ve hiked Everest Base Camp
  • I once hit the front page of Reddit